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    Type 'AB' Store : Synergistic Products


Pocket Size Type AB Diet Lists

These handy books are quick guides to staying healthy and achieving your idea weight . Inside you will find complete listings of what's right for your blood type in meats and poultry, seafood, oils and fats, eggs and dairy, nuts and seeds beans and legumes, grains, breads, pasta, fruits, vegetables, juices and fluids, spices, condiments, herbs and herbal teas, beverages, special supplements, drugs interactions, resources and support.

The Eat Right 4 Your Type Portable and Personal Blood Type Guides are pocket-sized and user-friendly. They serve as a handly reference tool while shopping, cooking and eating out.

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    Retail  $12.80              


Stress Relief for Types AB

In response to stress, two cateholamines are released and the effects of having them release include :

  • An increase in heart rate
  • An increase in blood pressure
  • A decrease in digestive capability
  • An increase in arousal or alertness
  • An overall shifting in your resources toward fight, flight, exercise , or physical activity.

Catechol is used by Dr D'Adamo in his clinic , include Rhodiola Rosea as an assist to the effective removal of excess catecholamines.

Synergistic Products :

  • Polyvite O, Polyvite AB (for nerve health in individuals of these blood groups)
  • Nitricycle (for neurasthenia, especially in groups AB and B ; erectile dysfunction, types O and AB)

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    Retail  $56.00              

HELIX PLUS for Blood Type AB   

Support from the Humble Snail

Helix pomatia(a species of edible snail) has a powerful lectin which helps the immune system to function more effectively and efficiently. This species of snail is not the common edible snail ('escargot'), but rather a hard-to-identify distant relative.

One of the largest uses of lectins by medical research is to convince certain immune cells to proliferate (a process called mitosis). Another common use of lectins is as a probe or tool to identify cancer cells. This is the area where the Helix pomatia snail overlaps the gray area between food and medicine. Coincidentally, snail has a historic reputation as an anti-cancer food.

Synergistic Products:

- Rekon Pro, Aromastat (reproductive malignancies)

- ARA6 (lymphoma)

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    Retail  $66.00              

ARA-6 (100G)   

Natural Digestive and Immune Enhancer

ARA6 acts as food supply for friendly bacteria , increase friendly bacteria and decrease bad bacteria.

It has been shown to increase the production of short-chain fatty acids, important to the health of colon.

It is a gentle, safe immune enhancing product , unlike Echinacea , can be used for all blood types.

ARA6 is known as an "adaptogen" and is an excellent plant source of soluble fibre.

It is 100% water-soluble and the powder has a sweetish taste that mixes readily in water and juices . Easy to administer to children too.

  • Synergistic Products :
  • Collinsonia Plus (for sinus problems)
  • Redoxa (for respiratory problem)
  • PolyFlora O,A,B,AB
  • Harmonia Deluxe (for bowel dysbiosis)

Also recommended for those with allergies (digestive relief), cancer (general/hormonal induced/digestive/skin), arthritis (pain relief) and fatigue (environmental toxicity & cellular blockage)

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    Retail  $89.00              


Nature's Recovery and Repair Enzyme

Bromelain is an natural digestive enzyme found in pineapple. Effective anti-inflammatory, delivers relief and speeds recovery from injury or trauma. Uses ultra-pure grade , it cools inflammation throughout the body, increases action of antibiotics .

Relieves discomfort from asthma, arthritis, colitis and inflammatory bowel disorders. Effective in accelerating recovery from exercise and the pain and swelling that accompany sports injuries. Effective in aiding tissue repair and reduces the symptoms of eczema.

Taken with Dr Peter D'Adamo's Quercetine Plus can relieve the red and often intensively itchy rashes of eczema.

Synergistic Products :

  • Quercetine Plus (Allergic support in all types).
  • Redoxa (Respiratory support in all types).

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $89.00              


Botanical Support for Chronic Nasal and/Sinus Congestion

"I have found Collinsonia (Stone Root) to be of great reliability in assisting to stabilize the lining on the sinus cavities and to minimise the build-up of excess mucous in the sinus cavities and throat, particularly in types A and AB. It takes time to work , but it has rarely failed me ." Dr Peter J.Adamo, N.D

Synergistic Products :

  • Bromelain, Stinging Nettle Leaf (sinus diffulities)
  • ARA6, Harmonia Deluxe (hemorrhoids)

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $46.00              


Maintain Capillary, Blood Vessel, and Ligament Strength

Dr. D'Adamo has designed Connectivar to help maintain blood vessel, capillary, and ligament strength using a combination of two well-researched herbs, a bioflavonoid complex and one mineral. Good for those who suffers joint pain, gout, arthritis and ligament-related disorders.

Actions and Indications

  • Supports chronic v enous insufficiency such as pain, leg cramps, leg edema, varicose veins, itching and swelling
  • Supports lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Supports hemorrhoid stabilization

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $59.00              


Maintain a Healthy Hormone Balance

Beat the menopause blues with FEM Balance! No more side effects with our hormonal friendly supplement made just for you. The combination of traditional herbal medicines is designed for use in any blood type. The herbal formula provides a broad level of activity against the most common and unwanted symtoms of menopause.

Syngergistic Products:

  • Phytocal O, Phytocal A, Phytocal B, Phytocal AB (menopausal bone support)
  • Bromelain, Aromastat (dysmennorhea support)

    More Product Info...
    Retail  $58.00              


Supports Stomach and Colon Health

Intrinsa is designed to support stomach, small intestine, and colon health using well-researched ingredients. The result is a well-designed formula that supports men and women of all ABO blood types.

In development for over five years, INTRINSA blends four synergistic ingredients, including two protective, naturally derived fatty acids, caprylic acid and butyric acid.

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    Retail  $69.00              
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